Top 5 Under Rated Musicians/Bands!

So I’m sure most of us can agree(By most I mean 99.8 percent) that today’s music that plays on the radio is utter garbage. Now I am not saying all of it is. There are still a few songs that are well written, and have meaning to them, but for a majority that just isn’t the case. Anymore it’s the same mindless beats with lazy lyrics. Full of studio artist who just dance around at concerts, and don’t even sing!? How can you be labeled a Singer if you don’t even sing? Anyways that’s not the point of this blog. The point is to List a few bands that would never get the time of day on the radio. But have such amazing lyrics and sound. Now this list is of course my personal opinion. Some of you may not have the same taste. Some may like the garbage on the radio! But none the less here is MY LIST! (Please not this is for current Bands, and Artist of this year.)

  • 1. The Front Bottoms    – The Front Bottoms are A indie punk band that pretty much created their own style. They use instrumentals similar to Real big Fish, or even  streetlight manifesto. Although similar VERY different. Their Lyrics are very out there, but I think that’s what makes them so great! It makes up for the “Lazy” singing. The Way I look at it, the lyrics make this band great, but the Vocals make them Amazing. He may sound off key to some. But I think It fits them well! Almost like he does it on purpose. Def go give them a listen for a pure Original taste, and something not many other bands have, or are doing. Might even be a start to something new!
  • 2. Twenty one Pilots – Twenty One Pilots is one of the most experimental bands out their today! they ARE NOT afraid to try new things out of their comfort zone. They have slow songs with soft lyrics, all the way up to fast raps with some screams. Now what truly makes them AMAZING Is their lyrics! One listen of ANY SONG by them and you will be hooked! Not one song they have out I dislike. Another trend setting band who like to joke around a lot!
  • 3. Joel Cossette – He used to be in a group called High Hopes, but now does solo music. He is an amazing writer, and Singer one listen, and I guarantee ladies, your ovaries will explode! He has been posting A lot so Go check Him out! I highly recommend Star Wars and poetry, and  Waltz   
  • 4. Watsky – Watsky is always writing, and posting new Songs! He is a lyrical genius. VERY  experimental! Some songs are far better then others, but all are pretty amazing. Oh, and did I mention he can rap really fast, and still have flow?
  • 5.Spose– Prob one of the most under rated rappers in the business! this guy has what it takes to be the best. The only thing that stops him, is his will to stay away from the major labels. With that I give him great respect! He drops Songs all the time so Go check some of those out! Let me know what you think!

So there you have it! That is my list, and like I said before, not all of you will agree! But I would like to hear what your thoughts are, and maybe list your top 5! Thank you all for reading! Until next time Keep it real 😉


My Future In Writing

Hello, my name is Cooper Quick.

I have always loved to write since I was a small boy. I never had the ambition, or drive to really focus on it long term. I hope to change that, starting now. So with that said. Here is my goal, or plan. I want to write daily! This means everyday I will post some form of writing, or update on a current Project. Some examples of writing I plan on doing are as followed.

  • Short Stories
  • Poems
  • Reviews
  • Opinions on a certain topic
  • Anything that will improve my skills really!

I also want to be able to learn more about this site, and how it works. Mostly to make my posts look more professional. I mean if I want to take my writing serious. I should really make it look that way as well.

As I post this I am already working on a Story that has potential to be a Novel. It started as a simple sentence, but shortly after a few more sentences my mind quickly took over. Now I am 900 words into it, and have had a few friends read what I have done. All of them loved it, and gave me some good feedback which I really needed. I hope to continue to grab not only their attentions, but some new readers as well!

I want to try all different styles,moods,settings, and really play with my writing skills. See where my mind can take me. Create new worlds and people. Maybe help REAL people as well!  All in all, I want to be the best I can be! So with that said, I hope to entertain you all! I also hope you can help me, by reading, and giving feedback to make me a better writer.

Thank you for reading! hope to hear some feedback 🙂 (Feel free to critique this post)

Horizon ( A short story series)

By. Cooper Quick
Chapter 1. The Camp.
Kent and Flin Were running for their lives. They had awoken a Fire Hawk. Now Kent and Flin aren’t the brightest Mice of the bunch. Well Kent is kind of a meat head and tries to show off… a lot. Flin is very nerdy and great with gadgets. Though often tries to live up to his older brother Kent. So Let’s go back a little bit as to why and how they ended up in this predicament.
“Uggh, why do we have to always have to be the ones gathering food?” Flin cried.
“Because that’s our job Flin. We are the gatherers; we were handpicked by Sir Newton.” Kent explained.
“Well Sir Newton can kiss my but! We are destined for so much more!” Flin said full of spirit!
“Yeah that may be true brother but we have a job to do, and that’s what we will do.” Kent said but then quickly stopped.
“What is it brother?” Flin asked.
I don’t know but I think I heard something over there.” Kent pointed to a cave to the left of them. “Follow me.”
“I don’t think this is a good Idea.” Flin said in a scared tone.
“Will you just trust me, common!” Kent shouted.
As they enter the cave they could hear something in the distance. Something making echoing sounds off the walls of the cave. “Are you sure you want to go in this BIG dark scary cave brother?”
“Yes, now stop being a wimp Flin.” Kent said with power.
As the two walked deeper into the cave they could see less and less. Flin remembered he had conveniently had a match in his pocket. So he struck it of a rock, and it lit up no problem, and they could now see.
Now with a light they could make some things out. Also it made scary shadows on the walls which really freaked Flin out. “Dude… I want to get out of this cave”. Flin cried.
“OMG you are such a baby! Can we just go and see what this thing is?” Kent had said this a bit too loud. The Fire Hawk had heard him. The whole Cave was now lit! “Holy fu…. Runnnn!!” Kent yelled!
Both Kent and Flin started scurrying towards the exit. The Fire Hawk right behind them; getting closer and closer. “What are we going to do?!” asked Flin scared as funk.
“Dude we have to out run this thing!” yelled Kent back to his brother.
Now they are out of the cave and into the field.
“How are we going to out run a Fire Fucking Hawk!?” Cried Flin.
“Well to start you can’t be a little bitch!” Kent yelled then said “Over there!”
They ran towards a Giant rock. They could still hear the bird in the distance. They both knew they would have to fight if they wanted to survive.
“Ok, here’s the plan…”

what the Iphone 6 Should look like

what the Iphone 6 Should look like

We all know that there has been some talk about the iphone 6 for a while now. I recently saw that there was some rumors, that they were going to make the screen bigger. Much similar to the Galaxy. Now I believe that that would be bad. My reasoning are, I don’t want another tablet! I like the Slim width that the Iphone gives in the 4 and 5 models. You know something that WILL FIT in my pockets! I would rather have them just expands the screen to the edges. This may cause some minor problems with messaging, like while holding the phone you might hit a letter on accident, or possible that while playing a game you mess yourself up. Now both of those could be avoided with some practice!

My biggest thing is, I want Apple to stay Apple and not try to be more like Windows… I personally don’t like how cheep Windows phones feel. And The Apps looks like old widgets. Part of the reason i didn’t like the ios 7 update.

Wrapping joys!

So as you all know Christmas is right around the corner!! But sadly i wont be getting anything this year :/ for my grandma says i am “to old” for gifts… Ugh haha anyways I did help my aunt wrap her kids presents! For the first time ever wrapping i think i did a pretty good job 🙂 Only had to re wrap like 3 or 6 of them haha.. I think by the end my fingers felt like they where about to jump off my hands boy where they cramped. I don’t even get that much work with them at work! I work in a frigin Warehouse when i don’t model! lol well anyways hope you all have a great Holiday! ^_^

I'm a young writer with a wild imagination :)